Self-Serve Dog Wash

& Self-Serve Dog Wash

Big & Small, We Clean Them All!

Dirty Dawg's Grooming, LLC

Don't want to Do It Yourself?

Our system will email you a reminder the day before and text you a reminder an hour before your next grooming appointment.

Lock in your preferred time today!  Feel free to schedule as far in advance as you want - we won't forget!

No Appointment Needed - We Clean Up the Mess! 

We understand the needs of pet owners to have a comfortable environment where you can bring your dog for a bath without the hassle or mess of doing it at home!  Our main goal is to enrich the bond between you and your pet while making bath time FUN for EVERYONE!  

Our facility has multiple large, adjustable, stainless steel tubs in individual private suites which means little to no wait for an open tub.  For larger dogs, each tub has a dog preferred, easy stair accessible, wide door opening for your dog to enter the tub.  The easily adjustable tubs mean no bending over no matter how small or large your dog is.

We provide everything you need to wash your dog: Aprons, Shampoo, Conditioner, Warm Air Blow dryers, Towels and Brushes. 

Have more than one dog?  Each tub is in a private suite with a door which can hold multiple dogs and people in a safe environment.  While you are washing one dog, the others can be in the same room with you.

Open Tues - Sat: 9am to 6pm.   Please arrive by 5:30pm daily.

First Dog: $15.00 - Any Size Dog

Each Additional Dog (same day):  $10.00 - Any Size Dog

Self-Serve/Grooming Package Deal's:  

First Dog: (each additional dog $5.00 off below prices)

Self-Serve Wash & While You Wait - Groomer Nail Clip:  $20.00

Self-Serve Wash & While You Wait - Groomer Nail Clip/Smoothing: $25.00